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I jumped from the security camera to his phone

Alright, so that wasn’t going to work. Thankfully, missions in Watch Dogs play out similarly to those in a Hitman game, as they encourage experimentation and multiple routes to success. Using Aiden’s unique hacking abilities, I decided to try to complete the mission without ever even entering the building. This started with a quick hack of a security camera. From there, I could hop from camera to camera around the entire ring of the building. This sensation of swapping viewpoints felt incredibly similar to the great iOS game Republique.  Eventually I found the phone I needed to hack and did so remotely. With the first bit of info in hand, I decided to start causing some mayhem. I spotted a fuse box that I could remotely detonate at the touch of a button. I waited for a guard to walk by and took him out in a massive explosion of sparks and smoke. His partners quickly rushed over to see what happened, which was when I spotted a specific guard whose cell phone camera was hackable.

Once he resumed patrol, I was able to have a mobile first person view of the entire the compound. After a bit of Rsgole waiting, the guard entered the room where the computer node was housed, and I  jumped from the phone to the computer. The final step in this cyber invasion consisted of completing a series of hacking puzzles where I had to manipulate the intersections of a maze so that an energy wave could make its way from point A to point B. Though the concept was simple, it was just tricky enough to really pique my interest. And with that, I completed the mission without ever even entering the building in the first place. It’s a new definition of stealth, and one that I can’t wait to continue playing around with on May 27.

Watch Dogs is at its best when it separates itself from the mold that GTA created so many years ago. Yes, WD is a perfectly fine open world game filled with all of the successful pieces of Rockstar’s puzzle. But when Ubisoft eschews from the norm and empowers the player with NPC knowledge, control over the city, and multiple unique ways to get through a mission, Watch Dogs becomes a truly interesting experience filled the tools for us to tell our own unique and personal stories.