The smoothest launch of any MMO or expansion

It is worth noting that the majority of negative or zero reviews are clearly (and at times admittedly) made by people who stopped playing WoW a while ago.

From those who have actually played Mists, the reviews are very positive. This was the smoothest launch of any MMO or expansion that I have ever seen. The artwork is beautiful – some of Blizzard’s best – and the graphics engine continues to be updated with new lighting effects, full DirectX 11 support, and now a native 64-bit client.

Mists adds many new features and systems to the game, including a new race, a new class, the simple-but-addictive Pet Battle system, a new form of Lore discovery, accountwide achievements and mounts, revised PvP systems and mechanics, completely revised specialization and talent systems, and more. It also introduces a ton of new content on top of all these systems-level improvements.

There is no other MMO on the market that can go toe-to-toe with WoW in terms of the single player questing experience or the competitive endgame PvE experience (raiding). Mists reaffirms WoW’s dominance in these areas. I wish Blizzard would pay more attention to the PvP side of the game, and that remains my biggest gripe with the product. Damage remains too bursty, crowd control too oppressive, and composition too determinative.

I think anyone would enjoy Mists. But I can especially say that anyone who has ever enjoyed WoW would love Mists. This expansion is a sort of renaissance for the game, and I believe fans will look back years from now and say that Mists was WoW’s finest expansion, finally beating out Burning Crusade in fans’ hearts and minds.

And if you see one in progress wade in and help

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If you’re not a fighting type, you can follow friendly caravans and help siphon divine energy when they stop, or you can halt enemy NPC diviners by clicking on them.You can also interrupt players who are siphoning energy by using a disruptor rod on them.

One example is the construction of golems.Speak to the golem master on the first floor of your faction’s tower to cast your vote on what body parts to use in its construction.The completed golems will defend or attack caravans (depending on how they’ve been built), thus contributing to the faction’s score.

Check out the strategy board and the voting board – both at your faction camp – forĀ FIFA 14 Coins more voting opportunities.More will become available as the weeks go on, so keep checking back!

NPC-versus-NPC skirmishes can break out at a number of locations in the world, and their outcomes affect your faction’s overall score.Vote wisely on your faction’s recruitment strategy – thus affecting the type of fighters your faction fields in these fights.

When you sign up to a faction, you’ll earn a token of fealty, which gives you 10 teleports to your faction camp per day and unlocks event-related buffs as your personal contribution increases, geared toward improving your performance in the event.You can requisition rewards from your faction’s quartermaster in exchange for your earned renown.

It is suggested that 2-5 players execute the experience

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