The current difficulty of the game

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Anyway,we just wait patiently tour of Commission approval of the exact result is given to naturally when you can see the outcome,but I hope not a big deal on it.The first three difficulty in Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 have appeared before, while the fourth difficulty is the new Diablo III appeared for players to challenge their late outcomes difficulty levels.

Diablo 3 Hell contrast,the first two of Hell design is very flawed.Diablo 3 Gold loot inside not reflect the obvious differences, and Diablo 2 where it becomes a Baal runs, Chaos Runs and kill Diablo and super clean Chaos Tristram.Rest of the game,even at the highest difficulty too few people to explore ( except for one case ).Because the contrast elsewhere in Hell,where the monster is weaker,falling is not good.

In Diablo 3,the current difficulty of the game in the case of many people how changes ? Development group said they would greatly enhanced multiplayer mode that alone would be a very unwise choice.However, such a mechanism would lead to what ? Monster more life value ? Monster higher damage ? Improved AI? These have yet to be announced,but in November 2010 @ diablo on Twitter,the official made ​​it clear that the game ‘s difficulty will increase with the number of people,rather than character level.