Advanced Training Pet Battles Major Payne Eric Davidson

How cool would it be to delve into the history of the worgen heroes in search of Lo’Gosh, the influence of the Scythe of Elune and the origins of the mysterious curse of the worgen? Well, this is not the course of history, so that’s exactly what we do!

Are you crazy? Bark at the moon!

My boyfriend Eric Davidson fangs back in Duskwood, where a team of vicious spiders crawl was domesticated. Once one of my students came into its own and gained a new confidence in his quest to become a Master Tamer. As fascinating as you think your family history might be, Eric is not interested in your ancestry research. It is much more willing to help train your team, while the eight-legged creatures inject their poison into the faces of their pets. The dissolution of a body in its both!

For the record, I do not have to. Anyway, let’s stay focused, shall we say? This week, is out of Duskwood, where you have to find Eric Davidson. It is located in Raven Hill Cemetery and has a team of three level 7 spiders named Weavers, Black Tusk and DarkWidow. Now these animals are arachnids, to keep things easy, your team should include a flight level 6, a mechanical level 6 and level 7 humanoid creature or if you are not overwhelmed, of course.

Fun stuff, right? Well, before I go, a word of warning: do not make light of the fact that Eric has fleas. Fleas hate and hates to be reminded that you have more fleas! If it starts to smell, nothing, just a comment on your teeth stained purple. He loves it when people notice your smile.