Elf City – draft document of 5

In the last five weeks we have an idea of ​​how it will look like the City Elf, what it will contain, and what we are able to do there will be given. The first time for us to participate in the development process so detailed, but I really wanted Prifddinas part be driven by the choice of the player.

Released design document first we were looking closely at all of your responses, and actively changes were made in our design. This will allow the changes proposed in the development of the new city carry.

The fifth and last document is ready to be read. We have some amazing artworks and designs are finished to see, as well as the data from the two unions. Meilyr clan specialists in the cells and Herblore and Hefin clan represents agility and prayer. These strains are listed in the second batch of the changes will be released for both.

FIFA 15 Ten Leaked Chelsea Player Ratings

Jose Mourinho to Chelsea bank could not have given the trophy but provide stability to a club that seemed to be in a constant state of excitement in the previous season.

The strong performance in the race closely Premier League and the Champions League is rumored to be a respectable FIFA rankings Airent 15 increase in accordance with the spill, and have a clear vision of the ten most outstanding players of the club.

According to rankings provide Chelsea seems very well balanced between the fields with the new smart players. Who wants to play as a club with a first class team and a lot of money to spend can get. Much here to attract to find them, at least six strong players and seems enhanced statistics.

We will have to wait until closer to the release of the game before we know for sure whether these leaks are true, but at the same time, there is much to discuss, and it is sure to be a few points of contention, and his expeect.

DOFUS 2.0 Artbook copy

DOFUS 2.0 has undergone a major overhaul in December 2009 changes affect the whole game, but especially in the graph is greatly improved. In May 2010, the efforts of employees to emphasize in the visible, Ankama was a great idea? Book Launch Art 143 full color pages in this new version, which allows players to create graphs in silence (which rarely have the time to do it in the heat of the moment).

Impression composition classic book, but complete. Relates to the structure of classes, equipment and creatures and put a piece (see overview).

And page layout are very cautious, do not load close which is very rare in the literary arts. Display classes particularly well in parallel with the big graphic illustration with search.

But despite all the awards that we have done, we must admit that we were a little hungry, compared to the last book Wakfu Season 1 (though published in the same period). Wakfu books offer interesting texts that explain the creative process and show images of original research. This book in DOFUS, often known illustrations because the images are in the game. As for graphics, sometimes in the company of the illustrations of the characters do not feel that this is a fee for the search, but rather an exercise of style due to different authors decline salsa primary clarification. This impression is caused by the fact that there is no change in hardware (weapons, clothing) identical author author.

Games section increase the carrying amount, as it gets closer to the edge of the art of the book is expected to shed light on some of the processes of creative writing and some of the buildings and the broad areas with hand-drawn illustrations. There is also a watercolor illustrations and a very successful man, but very few.

Fortunately, page 13 bonus, this book closed significantly improve the attractiveness of the book. Several authors give an example from the world of DOFUS inspired patterns are very different from the truth.

End, this book is visually flawless, but the lack of texts and weight in some cases. It is difficult to understand that such a step with books on Wakfu can be. Change is also evident in terms of price (€ 25), since this book costs € 11 and the difference that it not only offers more than 15 pages and cover cartonne.Malgr this, we must realize that this group of illustrations will appeal on the mass, or may be found in many references aspiring designers, and inspiration.

A PS4 vs Xbox beta version of Microsoft unlimited ‘access EA’ Vault ‘of free games

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) EA, which is a subscription service that gives players unlimited access to the vault of games or Microsoft Access provides.

Sony (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation 4 and offers a similar service, the PlayStation now it will launch on Thursday a beta version.
and EA will have access, currently in beta, will be available for $ 5 per month or $ 30 per year. Subscribers have unlimited access to titles like FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 2:04 game itself, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is also subscribers that more games will be available soon, and will be regularly updated titles.

Additionally, some Xbox users ask for a 10% discount on all EA games and downloadable content in the game currency. EA is also for users to access the test earlier this year, the formation of EA Sports titles like Madden, NHL, NBA Live, and FIFA access. Players can also play Dragon Age: Inquisition five days before the game in stores to the public.

Final Fantasy 14 and Kingdom Reborn has a bright future

After a few months to adjust the time and stability of the server and this is definitely the best MMO on the market at this time. If I had to vote on the release date and the fixed 8 and it can change come with every major update every 3-4 months.

Some components have to work and the content of the PVP and end game for informal and have glass tower of 24-man attack, a coil of hard core 8 attack tinkering with men. The coils are even some of the worst I’ve ever seen a cell. 2.3 update will manipulate the system, during which the contents of the group should increase at the last difficulty.

I liked the aesthetics of the game. There seems WOW clone or wild wow Star, but has many of the characteristics of people Loew wow. Her big emotes personalities to those who differ from each race. This is the best I’ve seen races held in recent MMOs.

In the battle system is not burdened with a lot of skills in the beginning. Paladin said cold and high mobility is not terrible at LVL 50, then another tank Warrior Paladin is a tank explosion. Monk, knight, and the other categories of the fight is a priority on the list and this is the place where you can find. The most complex combat During Guildleves will learn how to use it in a group through a process of 50 Watt your class / function and does a good job of hand do not understand the way through.

And there is much lore was integrated can be found by doing research sample, job search and missions traveling into the game.

Final Fantasy 14 and Kingdom Reborn has a bright future.

Cherubs – Volume 1 (Champions DOFUS)

The Ankama is not set, this prequel to strangers as a composer duo Eric and Julien Herenguel Ribas managed to complete the work. 3 arc Remington Comics (Part 9 Part 12) place long before the events of the treasures Cherubim, once when he was a young adventurer full of ambition Kerubim series. To Lu, with Crocosec embarked on a dangerous mission. The success of your business depends on the survival of the city Lombrocorp, but his opponent immediately indie Dela Granda Venture also complicate the situation to a great extent.

Presents this funny collection DOFUS Champions, who, like their peers, and the development of Wakfu Heroes to focus on young people allows. cartoon characters painted with a little more mature television programs find that some aspects of childhood and cherubs approach provides a narrative history TV series partial loss of memory subtle. The question is whether the placement is correct. Due to the delay, it is not clear that the young audience of the series will jump to keep up with this comic pace. Then it was that experience, I must admit that as an adult, my enthusiasm exceeds my children were 6 to 8 years old who are fans of the series later.

Complex narrative history and especially the Kerubim charts seems to have been an impediment. them It is not the shape of the body and that realistic problem, but the face (but it does not seem almost old). They say the eyes are the seat of the soul, it is likely that the eyes of the psychological and sharp teeth Kerubim canceled friendly side that made him so charismatic in anime. It is hard to find. Magical character problem is somewhat similar to that on the other hand, India, and God Ecaflip Corcosec not suffer from this text and realistic. The expression in this context of this series.

End, true to the logic of smart materials group Wakfu Heroes cartoon character realistic Kerubim felt completely pre-teen and mature approach. However, for the children of the youth of France third case above, can be difficult to implement, even with the help of the parents out.